Lomi Lomi Massage in Berlin

Traditional Lomi Lomi provides a holistic approach and offers more than just a massage, as it also opens you up for deep transformation. The massage is performed with warm and fragrant oils whilst lying on a heated couch, accompanied by Hawaiian sounds. The rhythmic techniques range from soft to profoundly deep which allow you to slow right down and release. Rotation of the joints, stretching and swinging of the body are all a part of the natural flow of the treatment. You are covered with a sheet leaving special parts of your body exposed during the massage, whilst maintaining your modesty throughout the whole treatment.

It can be an intensive inner experience or just be one of the most beautiful hours of your life!

Classical massage

In classical massage, soft kneading and sweeping of the body lead to relaxing of the muscles. Massage promotes an increased local blood circulation, which supports better metabolism and a higher oxygen saturation. Massage stimulates your self-awareness. My classical massage practice contains my experience with techniques of aroma massage and the centre-based energy massage (Liselotte Baertz’ “ZEM“). You can book Classical massage just for special parts of the body, or you can book for just a back massage.


45 minutes massage 60,- €

60 minutes massage 75,- €

Lomi Lomi (90 minutes) 120,- €

My service is for clients in good health. It is not intended to replace medical or psychological treatment.

E komo mai!

You’re welcome!